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Classic Steam Engine Engineering The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering
Classic Steam Engine Engineering The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

Classic Steam Engine Engineering The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering



     You're right! A lot of people from local and northeastern clubs were in to see it, and that's just what they did! Museums, too! Local historical society, same thing. Then, to add insult to injury, I had one fellow from a well known steam club go up one side of me and down the other when I mentioned we were recovering the engine, he was mad as hell. I had to hear how his club had enough money to get any engine they wanted, and if that one was worth getting they would have gotten it, how we were spoiling the chances of other groups getting engines because we didn't know what we were doing and we were going to give such groups a bad name when we failed. Needless to say, I've never joined. Unbelievable. The good part is that it turns out he is not representative of the attitudes in general in that group, and there are many fine fellows there doing good work too! But there's always gotta be one! - Jim Mackessy


The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering A steam engine I help run

The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering A steam engine I help run

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The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic

The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering
The Eclipse Corliss Engine Group Classic Engineering

The Eclipse corliss engine group classic engineering Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

Object Description

Title                                       Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

Creator                                 W.B. Smith Whaley and Company

Date                                      1903

Source                                  Ensor-Brown Collection, Richland County Public Library

Subject                                 Cotton manufacture.

Cotton textile industry--Southern States.

Cotton textile industry--South Carolina.

Description                        132 p.: ill., 33 x 28 cm.

Digital Collection             Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

Website                              http://www.richland.lib.sc.us/local-history/local-history-digital-library

Contributing Institution               Richland County Public Library

Rights                                   Digital image copyright 2011, Richland County Public Library. All rights reserved. For more information contact Richland County Public Library, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201.

SC County                           Aiken County (S.C.)

Kershaw County (S.C.)

Lancaster County (S.C.)

Laurens County (S.C.)

Newberry County (S.C.)

Oconee County (S.C.)

Orangeburg County (S.C.)

Richland County (S.C.)

Spartanburg County (S.C.)

Union County (S.C.)

SC Region                            Upstate


Low Country

Language                            English

Digitization Specifications           400 dpi, 24-bit depth, color, Zeutschel Omniscan 140000 scanner, Archival Master file is a TIFF.

Type                                      Text

Format                                 image/jpeg

Media Type                        Books

Date Digital                       2011-10

Metadata Cataloger       Kelly Riddle

Scanner Technician         Kelly Riddle

Bibliographic Citation    W.B. Whaley and Company. Modern Cotton Mill Engineering. Columbia, S.C.: State Company, 1903. Print.



Title                                       Warren Mfg. Co., Warrenville, S.C.

Digital Collection             Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

Contributing Institution               Richland County Public Library

Identifier                            Cotton029

Bibliographic Citation    W.B. Whaley and Company. Modern Cotton Mill Engineering. Columbia, S.C.: State Company, 1903. Print.

Transcription                     WARREN MFG. CO., WARRENVILLE, S. C. Capital, $500,000; Spindles, 33,000; Looms, 900. President, E. F. Verdery. In IHIS mill is located in South Carolina, at the junction corporated 1896, THIS nljn js located in South Carolina, at the junction of the- old Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad, and the South Carolina and Georgia Railroad, about twelve miles from the cit) of ^^313, Ga. It is situated between the tracks of these two railroads, on a beautiful clear stream 0f water. The mill is 127 foot wide-. 264 feet lone. 24 bays of 1.. feet, 8 inches each, and is four 1 • 1 _ ^ i. -h t Mil. stories high, 1 7 leet each. Con necting with this is the engine- room. pS l> 56, and the- boiler room, 36 l>v 69. The boiler room is built ol sufficient size to accommodate a battery ol boilers lor a second mill which tt is proposed to build in the future. The power lor operating this mill is furnished l>v a 1,000 horse power cross-corn pound condensing engine. The condenser is ol the- Spv ro-jet type, and operates under a head ol 10 feet. The power is distributed to the head shafting located in belt way through i'+ inch ropes ■ ■ > L-. WARRI x ■ [PAN> 1-1 11 ;« heated bv the Sturtevant system, and is equipped throughout with air moist,-nine apparatus, and I Jit* 171111 1 II* »l L.11 I' '11 I'll tected from fire by sprinkler and hydrant systems. Ihe sprinklers are supplied bv a to.ooo-gallon tank ,. , ,. lT1, ,.,,,,.rs The machine shop and lighting generators are driven from a jack shall located jn ocateel "1 " " • 1 • 1 • 1 1 -n nt of engine room. This shaft is driven from the mam engine when the mill is m operation, and another times bv a small high speed engine driving through friction clutch. This mill commenced operations in the summer ol 1898, and has been successfullj run ever since. List of Machinery I fsed. ,,,., ,. 11. Corliss Boilers and Engine. Knowles Fire Pump. Knowles Spyro-jel Condenser. Sturtevant Heating. [ones & Laughlin's Shafting. " T. Atherton Lappers. Pettee Cards and Drawing, with Metallic Rolls on Drawing. VVoonsocket Roving. Fales & fenks Spinning. Easton & Burnham Spoolers. I traper Warpers. Cohoes Slashers. I traper Rooms. Curtis & Marbh' Cloth Room Machine.

The Eclipse corliss engine group classic engineering

Group Report Corliss Engine: The Great Corliss Engine

Group Report Corliss Engine: The Great Corliss Engine

This remarkable mechanism was a simple condensing engine. It was finished in 1876 requiring seven months to build. It furnished power for running the machinery at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876. It was purchased by George Pullman in 1880and was moved from Providence RI where it had been in storage after the run of the Centennial Exposition to Pullman, requiring a train of thirty-five cars to transport it. It was shaped like the capital letter A and from the floor to the top of the walking beam was forty feet. The cylinders were forty inches in diameter affording a ten-foot stroke. The diameter of the crankshaft was eighteen inches and twelve feet long. The diameter of the large gear (fly) wheel was thirty feet with a face of 24 inches and was the largest gear wheel in the world. The gear wheel meshed into a pinion wheel that powered 3268 feet of main power shafting located in tunnels 4-5 feet below grade in tunnel. From the main power shaft, approximately 13,000' of overhead shafting and two miles of belting applied to the machinery in the car shop. The engine was capable of developing 2500 horsepower.

When the engine was started at the Centennial exposition in Philadelphia's Fairmont Park by President Grant and Emperor Don Pedro III of Brazil, they were supported by a choir of 1000 singing Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, a band of 150 pieces playing the Centennial March composed by Richard Wagner, followed by 100 gun salute.

The engine was started by Florence Pullman on April 2, 1881, and ran until the fall of 1910, when it was scrapped after electricity replaced steam as the power source. Portions of the foundation of the original engine house and power shaft tunnels located below grade are still visible on the site.

The engine house at the Pullman Factory was located east (to the rear) of the North Factory wing in a room 40' square and 66' high. Wide aisles around the engine platform were providing for visitor on sight seeing tours of the factory works. The cost of engine was $77,000.

Group Report Corliss Engine: The Great Corliss Engine

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Frank William Shillitto käsikirja Corliss höyrykoneet

Frank William Shillitto käsikirja Corliss höyrykoneet






corliss motor gruppe kjelerommet steam håndboken

Når en ny motor er å bli installert er det forventes at ingeniøren ansvarlig skal være kvalifisert til å tilby verdifulle forslag om plassering, etc., også utføre arbeidet av ereksjon ifcalled ved for å gjøre dette.

Følgende forklaring av metoden for prosedyren, bortsett fra noen forslag om plassering, forbereder bakken, etc., gjelder også for oppføring av drivkraften for en helt ny produksjon plante som et tillegg til et anlegg allerede i bruk.

Vi antar at det er besluttet å installere en ny motor for å plassere re som ikke lenger kan kjøre produksjons-anlegg på full kapasitet. Det første du må vurdere er plasseringen. Generelt motoren skal plasseres som cen-trally som mulig når det gjelder dis-tribution av makt, at i tilfelle en lang rekke shafting er å bli kjørt, vil det være mye bedre å finne om




midten av linjen, hvis mulig, er enn stasjonen den fra den ene enden, for en gitt mengde kraft til å være overført en lettere aksel kan brukes i tidligere posisjon enn mulig i det siste. Selvfølgelig er det ikke tilrådelig å skille motoren og høylandet av noen stor avstand hvis det kan unngås, men uunngåelige tap på grunn av shut-ting ned anlegget lenge nok til å re-Flytt gamle motoren og grunnlaget, bygge nye Fundamenter og sette opp den nye motoren på området på den gamle, vil vanligvis langt mer enn oppveie noen gevinst ved å ha en kompakt plante. I dag, med våre beundringsverdig ikke-varme-ledende gulvbelegg, retur feller, damp looper, etc., er det mulig å gjennomføre damp til betydelig dis-tances med men veldig bagatellmessig tap fra stråling og kondens.

Det er mange andre steder enn de opplistede som må være con-sidered bestemme på stedet, for hver tilfellet har spesielle særegenheter.

I en ny fabrikk det bør være lite problemer med decid-ing på plasseringen av drivkraften, og likevel det er beklagelig at det finnes i dag så mange eksempler på kort sightedness i denne forbindelse




slik som motoren rom uten vinkjellere, med damp og vann rør kjører under gulvet der det er knapt nok å gjennomgå, for ikke å snakke å gjøre effektivt arbeid, når reparasjoner må gjøres, i slike trange kvartalene, og motorer plassert rett ut i de viktigste butikk vithout noen beskyttelse mot støv og smuss.

Har bestemt på plasseringen for våre ny motor, må bakken være staket ut for foundation utgraving tegningene innredet av motoren byggherrer gir alle nødvendige dimensjonene det viktigste kravet er at det Graves med den lengste siden vinkelrett linje akselen i fabrikken.

Hva slags jord møtte w r syk har dens effekt på metoden pre-paring for foundation riktig, derfor er det umulig å si regel for alle tilfeller. En praktisk mason, opplevde i denne bransje, ville være mest sannsynlig personen bestemme på hva som skal gjøres i uvanlige tilfeller, men følgen-har blitt funnet for å møte vanlige krav.

Bære utgraving ned ca tjue inches under der nederst hore murstein-arbeidet skal begynne,




har overflaten jevnet og grundig tamped, holder det ganske fuktig mens den tamping blir gjort. Etter det har fått en god, ærlig ramming fyll i denne ekstra dybde, et tynt lag samtidig med et konkret består av fem deler av knust stein, to deler av rene, skarpe sand og en del av Portland sement. Som hvert lag er satt i, tamp den godt før du setter i neste lag til ønsket tykkelse er nådd. Dette vil ta tid, men det vil være tid w r ell, som det må huskes at selv en dårlig bygget maskinen kan kjøre bra på et godt fundament, mens den beste motoren bygget ikke vil gi tilfredsstillelse Hvis satt på en dårlig foundation. Ta ikke hensyn til de som argumentere økonomisering i materiale og bruk bare best. Betong sengen bør være tid til å herde grundig før du starter på grunnlag riktig.

corliss motor gruppe kjelerommet steam håndboken


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